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The Merry Daggers

The Merry Daggers are a small company of adventurers resident in Vain’s Rest. They’re based in the Drunken Magistrate, which (as noted elsewhere) is managed by Ba Juerun and his family. There are six Daggers, which conveniently allows for six pre-generated characters for a four or five person one-shot.

They are bound together and tied to the Magistrate by a Secret. The Secret of the Merry Daggers is this: Ba Juerun is the heir to the Yuanya Emirate. As with all Yuanya royalty, he has been trained for years as an assassin. These techniques are also held by his family. The Emirate would dearly like to know where he is; some factions would like him dead, and some would like him returned. It’s possible that one faction wants him returned and independent, but nobody would bet on that.

Mystically speaking, the Secret is held by the Merry Daggers and not by Ba Juerun. The creator of a Secret does not benefit from it.

Holders of this Secret can control poisons. They may make a poison more virulent, or less, or alter its effects to a degree. They are vulnerable to royalty; it is relatively easy for a Merry Dagger to be swayed by royal requests, and it is best that they do not duel a prince. They can perceive assassins, even if they’re in disguise. Finally, they are blind to dead human bodies. With six holders of the Secret, it’s not impossible for a Merry Dagger to see a corpse, but they tend to overlook them.

The Daggers are:

Kincaid. Kincaid is the brains of the group; schemes generally begin with her. She has a wry temper and is not entirely diplomatic. She’s got a knack for engineering. While not a warrior, she is by no means incompetent with a blade.

Nyima and Gyalo. They’re siblings. Nyima is a moderately terrifying martial artist who tends to disdain weapons; she’s also an acrobat. Gyalo is the best thief of the group. They came to Vain’s Rest from the Trader Leagues.

Hardcastle. Hardcastle is the preeminent swordsman among the Daggers. He is tall, angular, and remarkably quick. He is Baneguard trained.

Mukuli. Mukuli (or Muk) is the youngest Dagger. He started shaving a year or so ago. There’s some dispute as to whether or not he’s an apprentice, but Kincaid says that since he found out the Secret he’s probably proven himself. He grew up in Vain’s Rest and he knows the city better than any of them.

Collins. Collins is the best (some say only) diplomat in the Daggers. He’s a fairly decent archer and a passing pickpocket as well. Some of his skills were learned in his old life as an Oratain noble, and some were not.

There are also a dozen or so people, mostly thugs, who the Daggers can call upon to do things. The unkind might call this a gang.

Let’s write the Daggers up as a Reign company.

Goal: make money. Not terribly noble, but enjoyable.

Might: 1. Individually the Daggers are scary, but as a fighting unit, you wouldn’t put their gang up against a city guard.
Treasure: 3. Kincaid invests well.
Influence: 2. The Daggers matter in Vain’s Rest, but not a lot.
Territory: 0. A single bar doesn’t count.
Sovereignty: 2. The Daggers as listed are loyal to each other, but there’s a known difference between the Daggers proper and the organization and that puts a cap on how loyal the thugs are.

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