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Optimize Abbi

My wee little gnome tank is fun to play, but I’m quite happy not raiding. So the logical thing to do is to optimize her gear such that she can contribute well on raids. I’m fairly sure she could OT Naxxramas, since she’s OT’d Sartharion already, but I dislike making healers sad. So better gear is in order.


  1. […] Abbi got Heros’ Dreadnaught Handguards and the Titanium Earthguard Ring today. That’s best in slot pre-raid for the hands, and probably best in slot pre-raid for one ring slot. The Kirin Tor exalted gloves are good but I want the two piece T7 bonus. […]

  2. […] Naxx tonight; Abbi got Abomination Shoulderblades and the Amulet of Autopsy. Both are raid items, so I’ve […]

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