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5. How To Hunt a Demon (IMPI 1-5)

Back in the DM chair for me! Peter, Susan, Mark, Emily, and Jeff played How To Hunt a Demon. Definitely the best of the Impiltur adventures I’ve seen; it’s grim as all get out but it’s got some nice moral questions in the middle of it and I quite like the final skill challenge.

I, um, killed two party members in the final fight. It’s possible that I could have edged it into a TPK; one enemy ran after the big demon went down. I’d had that in mind from the beginning, though. The adventure doesn’t go into detail about what happens if the demon dies, so I figured we had some really fanatical cultists and some who were in it for the money.

The fight came down to one hefty thug and two PCs, neither of whom could afford to take one more hit. Fortunately he missed on his last two shots. Very close to a TPK. The mix was a leader and four strikers, though, so you’ve got to expect some fragility.

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