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6. Lady in Flames (DALE 1-2)

For the third adventure of the day, I got back to playing. Jeff DMed, and Peter, Mark, Susan, Emily and I moved our little miniatures around a map. I swapped in Alesk for this one. He’s my dragonborn cleric. He’s not a priority for me to play – I’m content leaving him in the level 4-7 range as a leader mostly, just playing him when there’s a need – but I wanted to play The Lady In Flames to further the Byar’s Seven questline. He started it with Blades for Daggerdale back last year sometime.

I kind of lost/changed Alesk’s voice a bit in the intervening months. He’s young and enthused, maybe more so than I used to play him, but I like the eagerness so that’ll probably stick. Also it was a nice contrast to the morose PCs who’d just had a near-TPK in Impiltur. Alesk feels sorry for them!

Fun adventure. I like the Dalelands. Afterwards Alesk will follow Zootah back to wherever to give her poor resurrected Eddie a nice pep talk. “Hey! It’s a great big beautiful world out there! Let’s go!”

That’ll go over well.

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