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7. Coaxing the Flame (MINI 1-4)

Coaxing the Flame is the fourth in the Embers of Dawn series. Two more to go! I’m gonna be bummed when we’re done. Susan, Peter, Mark, Jon, and Noah were my players yesterday. I don’t think I mentioned last time; Noah is Peter’s son. He hasn’t yet reached teenagerhood, but he’s a joy to play with. I should have pushed D&D on my nephew harder a few years back, clearly.

Anyway, Coaxing the Flame is fun. It’s combat-heavy, with only one skill challenge, but there are some good NPCs and a nice variety of fights. I have to admit I didn’t like the skill challenge much – it’s a 12 success skill challenge with only two phases, and both phases are talking to the same person. Since the entire thing could be resolved with 11 Insight checks and 1 Diplomacy check, I short-circuited most of it.

In retrospect, I should have perhaps stretched the bounds of DME. There’s one bit where the PCs are looking for a kid. That would have made a perfectly good skill challenge, so I could have whittled down the big dull one and added that one. Disclaimer: DME doesn’t allow that any more. But still.

On the other hand, the rest of the adventure was solid. The denouement was a bit I’d been waiting to run for like months now. So that was awesome.

Also I papercrafted an entire graveyard, as per the previous picture. I’m now using bobby pins to hold the walls together. This is an awesome technique which I recommend highly.

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