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8. Depths of Airspur (AKAN 1-2)

Back to Legends for another session on the player side of the table. Mark ran Depths of Airspur for me, Susan, Hudson, Tom, and evil Tony. I was playing Reed, buffest halfling in Faerun. We pretty much kicked ass and took names. I got to pull off my fun trick: move, AP, Spark Form to hurt a bunch of critters, Thunder Leap to get in two more licks. If I stretch it out I can get 27 squares of movement in a single round.

Alas, this time I wound up burning two dailies to kill seven minions and do zero damage to non-minions, plus I rendered Hudson’s warlock unable to get ridiculous damage out of his dark spiral, plus I removed any chance he’d get to use his Minion Killer card. Well. I’ll know next time.

Mark runs a fun module. The combats were solid and well-managed. Airspur is also a way cool setting.

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