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9. The Vivisectioner’s Dream (MYRE 1-1)

We got into Fort Wayne last night and ran into Peter, Mark, Hudson, et al. After some sleepy comparison of trips, we did the obvious and set up for an impromptu game. Peter dragged out a My Realms adventure he’d written as a level 1-4 intro to his Vault of Xammux series. Mark, Hudson, James, Amanda, Jennifer, and I played. I was going to play Cine, but realized I didn’t really want to play him, so I dragged out Veil, my deva avenger of Vergadain.

She was fun and the adventure was fun. Afterwards I determined that while I want to push a controller up into the level 4-7 range (that’d be Cine), I didn’t feel like playing him because he didn’t have a strong personality. So I’ve given some thought to that. I’m seeing the only son of a lesser noble who’s been remarkably protected all his life; he recently developed psychic powers and used them to get out from under the thumb of his bodyguards. I am much more excited about playing that than about the generic eladrin psion he used to be.

And Veil is second level, so she can use her magic weapon +2 and swan around Faerun complaining about how she was supposed to serve some noble god before she got shanghaied during her reincarnation.

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