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10. Forever (DALE 2-1)

Oooh, my first premier adventure! I played this in the second slot, so I guess that makes me pretty close to the head of the line for this one. It’s a continuation of the Byar’s Seven plotline. The Dalelands has some sweet story continuity going here, which I am very happy to see.

I will not spoil the plot other than to say that you’ve got some classic tropes going on here. I think it could have been a bit more perky, but Dean (our GM) was suffering from a sprained right hand, which meant he was GMing with his off-hand, which takes like a -2 penalty. Drumroll, please! I’m looking forward to running it.

Players: me as Reed, Susan, Hudson, Andy, Jack, and Ryan. Hopefully I got all that right. We sort of romped. There’s one extended encounter which is very interesting and I dig what they were attempting to do, but I’m not sure that it’s wise to present a sequence of single targets to a well-functioning party. Three strikers can be a bit of a buzzsaw.

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