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11. Darkness Falls Over Moray (MOON 2-1)

There are going to be some spoilers in this; be warned! Not a lot, but I’m going to spoil one of the fights.

We happily got Amanda from the Games and Stuff crowd as our GM, which was pleasing. The players were me, Susan, Dallas, Randy, Garry, and Robert. Good balanced party: two strikers, two leaders, a defender, and a controller. Double bards is very amusing.

I liked the adventure as a whole. The Moonshae Islands have a nice Celtic/Viking feel to them; they’re always very atmospheric and I really get the sense that it’s not just another mainland Faerun adventure. I should play more of them, or run more of them – this was Reed’s first time out there. So that was quite cool.

The spoiler: I’ve been curious to see if anyone would ever put a solo in an LFR adventure. There’s one in here, which is cool. But it’s the most boring solo printed to date, which is not so great. I get that it had to be a werecreature, and I get that LFR authors are limited in what they can do in terms of new monsters, but the werewolf solo from Pyramid of Shadows is a 450 HP punching bag with two melee attacks and nothing interesting about it at all. So that was a bit of a downer.

Still, the adventure as a whole was fun and Reed hit level 8! I have wimped out and taken a feat for more damage rather than flavor, since I want to be in prime shape for the battle interactive and the special. I may retrain it into something fun post-convention.

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