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13. Gilding a Noble (WATE 2-1)

About an hour into Gilding the Noble, I went “Hey, it’s a Waterdeep adventure! There’s gonna be an excellent skill challenge or two, a lot of roleplay, some nobles, some storyline, and a couple of fights that feel like they were dropped in because fights are required in LFR modules.” I was correct! Which is not to say the fights weren’t fun, since they were, and the adventure as a whole was excellent. Keep on doing what you’re doing, Waterdeep Triad.

This was a fairly Maryland-flavored table, with me, Susan, and Hudson playing. We were joined by Terry, a nice guy from Oklahoma with a halfling paladin named Barney. The lowest Charisma at the table was 20, and the halflings had 17 and 18 Strength. Cute people with buff halflings, that’s us. A Charisma-oriented party will cut through a Waterdeep module like hot butter. We also had the Arcana, Athletics, and Religion needed to hit a couple of other skill challenge points. It was superb fun. Melody, our GM, facilitated the social carnage with great skill.

Amusing moment of the night: Faral’s realization that Lord Moonstar had sent her out to find a bard for his party. As if Faral wasn’t good enough to sing at his little fete. Grrr.

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