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14. Goblins From Below (IMPI 2-1)

We mustered up with me, Hudson, Tim (who runs Gamers Clubhouse and Radio Free Hommlet), and Mark GMing. Other Tim (who we know from GaspCon) and John, who’d just run The Paladin’s Plague for me and Susan, showed up and were welcomed to the merry band. We then went out and stomped all over Impiltur killing and negotiating with goblins.

This adventure is the best Impiltur adventure ever. It has the classic brutal combat they seem to all include, but it has way less of the guilt and a nifty twist at the end. Big thumbs up. Goblins rock.

Disclaimer: I have not played all the Impiltur adventures, so what do I know? But I dug this one. See below for a nice picture of the papercraft.

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