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21. Pyrophobia (MINI 1-5)

What I am now is pooped. I ran Pyrophobia for the usual crowd – Peter, Jon, Susan, Mark, and Noah. It takes, let me tell you, a lot of prep. I had about 20 effect cards on hand to give out to the players to reflect various temporary effects on the PCs, and a good number of those temporary effects had specific effects on individual combats. Here, have Vulnerable 3 for the rest of this section. Also, here’s an extra power you can use once in the next combat. Whoo.

I have a long review of this adventure brewing, which I’ll post over on the Wizards boards at some point. I think it’s a really interesting adventure that suffers from clunky writing and a bunch of iffy transitions. It’s got a bit of the railroad to it; at several points, the PCs are just expected to do or intuit the right course of action. Sometimes those courses of action will violate a PC’s ethos. Sometimes it’ll possibly seem like bad strategy. Fortunately I think I’m pretty good at framing choices with a magician’s force. Also I’m willing to exercise DM discretion as needed. My players might disagree, I dunno, but we got through it without the train whistle going off.

And the thing is, the idea at the core of the module is completely awesome. The transition from the previous module is awesome, even if it leaves some important questions unanswered. (MINI 1-6 may answer them. I hope so.) The end fight is the coolest climax I’ve ever run in LFR. So it’s worth the effort it takes.

I am stoked to read and run MINI 1-6. The Embers mini-campaign is a success in my book. Unless MINI 1-6 sucks, but I think it’ll be good.

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