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Month: February 2010

26. Head Above Water (CORM 1-3)

This was sort of a last minute addition when Mark got Jason to come up and play, which meant we’d have five people for the full day, which meant we could have another game, but I didn’t want to ask anyone to run at the last minute, so I said I’d run. And Mark asked for Head Above Water. Which is awesome, because Head Above Water rocks.

I told everyone we were switching from the Hong Kong action movie genre over to gothic horror. I was so right. Head Over Water takes place in the Vast Swamp of Cormyr, and a lot of the plot occurs in this almost deserted mansion. I went full out and described the place as a Southern plantation, decrepit and decaying, and played the Lady Mersha as a steel-backboned elderly Southern woman. Fun for me and the players seemed to like it.

The adventure is pretty solid, with several paths, and a serious choice for the PCs. My players were very noble in the face of temptation and managed to roleplay well enough so that they could split the difference and avoid choosing between two rather divergent interests.

Key moment: Jason’s PC, who happens to be an eladrin, is dueling an eladrin knight. Said knight had earlier called him a traitor to the fey kind. Jason dodges the blow which will probably bring him to 0 hit points, and retaliates, hitting for enough damage to take out the knight. He then says “OK, can I reduce him to 1 hit point but knock him prone?” I say sure, since the knight would have been prone and unconscious otherwise, and I want to see where he’s going with this. Jason says “OK, I do this,” and reaches his hand across the table to me as if to help me up. I hope I was grinning like a madman when I accepted his hand, because that was a completely cool thing and Jason deserves huge props for it.

The knight called for his guys to surrender, and they did, and then the PCs kept on thinking hard and figured out a way to make everyone happy and took some chances and it all worked out in the end. So satisfying.

25. Night of Fallen Petals (DRAG 1-6)

Hey, halfway to 50! This is a pretty good pace, yep.

Night of Fallen Petals concludes the White Petal Demise quest. It continues to rock. Sadly Peter had to leave before this one, and Kirby GMed, leaving me, Susan, Mark B., and Jason B. to stop various pernicious influences and save the day.

More great fights, plus a really interesting skill challenge for moving through the city, plus more generally enjoyable roleplay. In the final fight, Reed met an oni mage in mid-air combat, hovering high above the panicked crowd. We defeated the evil Mad Fox and earned the gratitude of a bunch of Shou. Reed spent the rest of the month engaging in bacchanalia while everyone else headed up towards Cormyr.

24. White Flower Falling (DRAG 1-5)

For the first game of MiniMoreCon 2 – MiniMoreCon being our house conventions, three games in a day – we played White Flower Falling. This is part 2 of the White Petal Demise quest, an absolutely awesome Dragon Coast quest themed after Hong Kong movies. Susan and I had played Falling Snow, White Petal at GASPCon and we wanted to finish the quest line before we hit paragon; fortunately we managed to con a bunch of friends into coming up and playing with us.

I liked White Flower Falling at least as much as I liked Falling Snow, White Petal. The terrain all through this series is great, and the theming is very good. Whirling blades, triple balconies, all a ton of fun.

Mark B. DMed. Me, Susan, Kirby, Jason B., and Peter played. Good times.

23. Flames of Initiation (BALD 1-1)

Flames of Initiation is another oldie but goodie. I will admit, I played this so Collin could pick up +2 Dwarven Armor. I have no shame. (Why are there so few +2 armor rewards in the 1-4 range, but so many +2 weapons? Faerun is full of wonders.) But I do authentically enjoy it and getting Flaming Fist membership is a nice hook into Baldur’s Gate.

DM: Dareus. Players: Maelwys, Zeitgeist, Goldfishmind, Marquis, Jesterrr21, and me. Marquis plays a very nice barbarian.

22. Lost in the Fog (WATE 1-5)

Well! As noted previously, Susan rolled 4 crits in the space of 5 rolls against my poor Collin. She dropped him three times as a result. When he climbed up to fight a hopefully less dangerous foe, she crit our other defender, and then dropped Collin again. Nothing quite so sweet as rolling a 20 on a death save when you’re two strikes towards the eternal choir.

The other highlight of the fight, for me: “Well, unless she crits me again, I’m OK for one more hit, and how likely would a fourth crit be?” Now I know.

Lost in the Fog is a pretty fun module. Some of the monsters are a touch hard to hit, given that everything’s getting concealment for most of the module, but I guess it wasn’t an impossible situation. Susan GMed well (her first time!), and I had fun playing. Hudson, Tom, and Mark B. were the other three players.

Apparently the guy who owns Legends is trying to buy the whole building and turn the empty space next door into a Thai noodle shop. He’d also expand the event space. Fingers crossed, cause that’d be way cool.