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22. Lost in the Fog (WATE 1-5)

Well! As noted previously, Susan rolled 4 crits in the space of 5 rolls against my poor Collin. She dropped him three times as a result. When he climbed up to fight a hopefully less dangerous foe, she crit our other defender, and then dropped Collin again. Nothing quite so sweet as rolling a 20 on a death save when you’re two strikes towards the eternal choir.

The other highlight of the fight, for me: “Well, unless she crits me again, I’m OK for one more hit, and how likely would a fourth crit be?” Now I know.

Lost in the Fog is a pretty fun module. Some of the monsters are a touch hard to hit, given that everything’s getting concealment for most of the module, but I guess it wasn’t an impossible situation. Susan GMed well (her first time!), and I had fun playing. Hudson, Tom, and Mark B. were the other three players.

Apparently the guy who owns Legends is trying to buy the whole building and turn the empty space next door into a Thai noodle shop. He’d also expand the event space. Fingers crossed, cause that’d be way cool.

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