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24. White Flower Falling (DRAG 1-5)

For the first game of MiniMoreCon 2 – MiniMoreCon being our house conventions, three games in a day – we played White Flower Falling. This is part 2 of the White Petal Demise quest, an absolutely awesome Dragon Coast quest themed after Hong Kong movies. Susan and I had played Falling Snow, White Petal at GASPCon and we wanted to finish the quest line before we hit paragon; fortunately we managed to con a bunch of friends into coming up and playing with us.

I liked White Flower Falling at least as much as I liked Falling Snow, White Petal. The terrain all through this series is great, and the theming is very good. Whirling blades, triple balconies, all a ton of fun.

Mark B. DMed. Me, Susan, Kirby, Jason B., and Peter played. Good times.

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