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February Wrapup

12 games; I played in 8 of them and ran 4 of them, which is a pretty good ratio. None were at cons and half (6) were online. That will probably drop in the future; I was pushing to get a character to the 4-7 band.

7 different DMs. Dareus was the only repeat DM this time around. I DMed for 16 different people, and I played with 25 different people. In total, I gamed with 32 people. Having gone back and changed everyone’s name to forum handles, my original calculations are still correct. I still wind up playing with Susan more often than with anyone else.

The 12 games were all normal length except one, so let’s call that 52 hours of gaming. There, I cut back. March may go up again since I’m attending a con. Depends on whether or not I do much online play or not.

At this rate I’ll be at 162 games by the end of the year. That sort of seems like a lot. If we really settle into a rate of 5 games a month, plus 4 more cons with around 8 slots each, that’s a more likely 109 games or so. I am not upping my goal of 50 games, though.

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