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28. Blades of Daggerdale (DALE 1-2)

Wow, two weeks between LFR games. I feel all at loose ends and stuff. Good thing RegulatorCon is coming up.

Blades of Daggerdale was the first level 4-7 LFR module I ever played, so I was kind of pleased when Mark requested it. It turned out to be quite a bit of fun to run. There’s a ton of roleplay and while the big skill challenge is normally the sort of thing I hate – an extended skill challenge requiring eight successes that’s 95% trying to convince people to believe you – something about this one worked well for me. I think possibly it was the presence of an adversary, which gave me a way to sort of tilt the situation against the PCs every time they made an argument. It made the skill challenge into a give and take rather than a slow slog up a hill.

The combats are no big deal. I did get the pleasure of watching the players assume a certain combat was full of minions just because I put down seven identical minis.

“OK, I go get started on clearing the minions. I roll… 23, I hit that one, my attack does damage.”

“How much damage?”

“… crap.”

Players: Tom, Mark B., Jonathan, evil Tony, and Susan. The usual rocking crowd.

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