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31. Silent Streets and Vanished Souls (BALD 1-4)

I dragged Sirath out of the vault yesterday to play Silent Streets and Vanished Souls on short notice. They had no leader, and it’s probably a good thing they got one. I didn’t burn all my healing but I burned most of it; this is one of those two-fight modules. The second fight has yet another appearance of that annoying werewolf solo. I can’t believe he’s been used in two LFR modules. He’s dull!

Eltherian DMed; Matt, Darksydex3226, and Xalcairn joined me as players. Or rather, I joined them. Fun little module, which I’d never played before; good urban setting with neat cultural stuff. Unfortunately that’s one of the things that usually gets lost a bit in online play. Still, it was enjoyable. I’m reminded I like playing shaman; I think I’m getting better at it after watching Susan play Gurdis.

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