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30. What Storms May Come (CORE 1-14)

As it happened, there was an online session of What Storms May Come scheduled for Friday, so Susan and I jumped into that. Dareus DMed; Matt, Eltherian, Darklord, and MisterJester were our fellow players. We were pretty psyched to dip our toes in the paragon waters before RegulatorCon. 

It’s quite the mod. For me, it was satisfying finishing up the quest line, and the combats were epic all on their own. The second combat takes place on a sea of ice floes, which move and shake and so on. There are ice slides and slippery macguffins and all kinds of fun. Awesome stuff.

Also it was fun watching characters who are, shall we say, somewhat more optimized than Reed. Eltherian played his paladin, who is a healing machine despite not being a leader. Between him and Faral I think we saw over 200 points of surgeless healing in the last encounter.

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