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35. Discomfort (DRAG 2-1)

Discomfort is the plot sequel to the Arts and Crafts quest line, which is kind of funny since it’s an entire tier away from those level 1-4 modules. No matter; it’s still about the deadly drug Confidence in the mean streets of Westgate. We kept Tom as DM plus most of the previous game’s players, except we traded Justin for Duncan and Ron. This gave us a defender, which we hadn’t had before, and a second daggermaster rogue. So the combats were brief in game time and somewhat lengthy in real time, but it’s worth it to watch pros in action. Also, daggermaster rogues love it when the bard keeps feeding them combat advantage. Word to the wise.

This was one of the most witty and/or boisterous tables I’ve ever been at. Witty if you were sitting at it; hopefully not too boisterous if you were sitting next to us. Sorry! I’m assuming most of those guys play together a lot, cause they talked like they did and they worked together like they knew each other. They also did a great job of including us in both the combat tactics and the funny. I had an insane amount of fun. I even earned a “solid” from the daggermasters on one round, which I take as a compliment to my damage-dealing.

Plotwise, we got to sit at a table with the big boys and help determine the fate of Westgate. How cool is that? This is another module where choices matter, too. Paragon play is pretty awesome that way.

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