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42. The Night I Called the Undead Out (BALD 1-2)

This is the second time I’ve played The Night I Called the Undead Out. I’ve liked it both times! Susan and I went down to Games & Stuff to play it, cause it’s nice to get down there every now and again. Mac was our GM, and he did a great job. Chris, Tom B., and Jonathan were our fellow players.

The usual complaint about TNICtUO is that it’s really long, which it is. I am inclined to think that cutting out the third fight would not be the worst thing in the world, and it’s how I’d abbreviate it if I were running it in the 3.5 hour slot that Games and Stuff allows. But that’s after playing it twice and thinking about it some more. And the thing is, it’s an awesome module no matter what.

For a relatively new GM, I’ve got to give Mac kudos for being really snappy and on the ball. Actually, strike that – he deserves unambiguous kudos regardless of experience level. He also dealt with Chris really well; I’m sure Chris is a nice guy but I’m gonna unabashedly say that if you don’t like 4e much and you can’t be bothered to learn your powers in four levels of play… yeah. Don’t play LFR just because it’s an RPG. Play what you love. So it’s not that Chris was a problem player, but he was pretty slow, and Mac did a good job of keeping up the pace regardless.

This was also Collin’s first adventure at level 5. I rebuilt him a bit to take advantage of the Dragon #385 article on fighters, which is all about shields. It worked well. He now has Dual Strike and a heavy shield that he can use as a weapon, which means he can double mark every turn. This is quite good.

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