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41. Gangs of Wheloon (CORM 1-2)

Gangs of Wheloon is a classic I’ve never played, so when Matt J. was kind enough to offer to run it online for me I took him up on it. My fellow players were Darksydex, Eltherian, Knight4612, Tracker (aka Kevin from GASPCon), and Xalcairn. It’s a fun module with a few branching paths you can take, and I got a kick out of meeting one of the Valwaters, who I’d encountered as a DM in Head Above Water (CORM 1-3).

Collin took 8 points of damage across the entire module. 4 points of that was from a fellow PC – damned warlocks – and 4 points was from voluntarily entering a zone. I guess he’s properly defensive, huh? Now that the Fighter article from Dragon 385 is legal, I bought him a nice magic shield/weapon and redid his powers a bit. We’ll see how it plays out tonight.

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