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49. Drawing a Blank (CORE 1-11)

I am not sure why Drawing a Blank is a Core adventure, rather than a Dragon Coast adventure – it’s set in Westgate, after all, and it ties into a bunch of Dragon Coast story awards. Susan and I wanted to play it because we like Westgate, in fact. Matt J. was kind enough to DM on request, and we were joined by Newpaintbrush and choroidplx.

This was another one of those bard/sorcerer/paladin/warlock ridiculously attractive groups. As a result, the module provided absolutely no opportunities to use social skills. I snickered. I also got more satisfactory use out of Reed’s bard multiclass, both with nick of time heals and skillful acrobatics. Fear the half-pint.

The intro to this module is really atmospheric. The module itself is short and challenging. I know the second fight has gotten a lot of flak for being overly dependent on status conditions, and I think that’s a valid criticism, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it a lot. Then again, I used a lot of Snap Out of Its.

And Westgate owes us yet another favor.

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