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50. High Infidelity (CORE 2-3)

Some would say that my players (Matt J., spayne, Darklord, Eltherian, dakhran, and Zalarian) were mad for playing High Infidelity on high with no leader. I say they had two paladins who didn’t stint on the healing, plus a pair of really good wizards, plus two excellent strikers. Yes, warlocks can do significant damage. I wouldn’t characterize the adventure as a romp, but they did a really good job of handling everything I threw at them.

I really like Dave Kay adventures. He’s got this trick to making monsters challenging; he layers PC templates on top of his monsters, which gives him the scope to pick a wide range of powers. That means he can tailor the terrain to the powers, and his synergies are really good. It makes for a more involving fight.

I want to run this sucker face to face sometime and see how the differences in format shake out. Definitely worth running again; a good way to finish up April.

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