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53. Finding Harmony (CORE 1-17)

We finished up with Dave Guerrieri’s Finding Harmony. Geoff ran; me, Susan, Jeff, Emily, and Meaghan played. I bet you could see that list coming. I dug the plot, I didn’t mind the somewhat disjointed encounters, but I gotta say, that last fight, boy howdy.

I think the thing is that Fell Taints sound cool. It’s a new, unusual low level monster. They do some neat stuff. They’re not overused. Except at this point having DMed fights with them twice and played a fight with them once, all in the space of a month? I can do without ‘em.

The fight was OK, I didn’t feel like we were being stomped, but it did drag. I gotta point out one issue – the method for bringing the Fell Taints to the ground requires them to be within 5 squares, but they can fly at 6 squares of height easily. Easy DM fix, but confusing. I almost wonder if the intent wasn’t that they should be within 5 squares of horizontal distance? Dunno.

On the other hand, I really did like the plot. I was playing Collin and he settled down to hang out with the new settlement for a few months post-adventure. So that was a cool bit of roleplay enabling.

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