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54. Dancing Shadows (CORE 1-10)

Susan and I went down to Games and Stuff last night to get some more Ensa/Collin play in. Peter kindly bailed on his drow game to run Dancing Shadows for us. Along with Susan and I, we had Tom B., Chris, David L., and Doug L. Lotta drow, huh? House Rilyntel represent!

We may remember Chris from The Night I Called The Undead Out. I’m pretty sure he was choosing his encounter and daily powers on the fly in this game. Mild sigh.

Peter, however, is an awesome DM and fighting dragons is always cool. Every time Collin fights a dragon, I wind up trying to get on the dragon’s far side so that he can’t breathe on me and other people at the same time. It’s just like fighting Onyxia! So good times.

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