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April Wrapup

Hella belated, I know.

I played 7 games and DMed 4 games in April, which continues to be a pretty happy ratio for me. In a stunning upset, Xalcairn and I played together more than anyone else, thanks to a bunch of H2 games online for Collin. Both he and Susan played with me three times, but I DMed for him twice. Go figure. Meanwhile, Matt J. ran 3 games for me.

I just didn’t get as much play with the locals, sadly. Legends play was on the downswing. Of the 11 total games, three were face to face and eight were online. On the other hand, I’m not counting D&D Encounters here, so overall there was still plenty of local play – it’s just the LFR which tipped sideways. I think I’ll have more face to face games in May, though, when it’s all counted up.

I’m gonna change the target to 100 games at this point, since I’ve hit 50 already. 75 would be a pretty trivial goal. Go for the gusto!

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