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55. Incident at the Gorge of Gauros (CORE 1-6)

We had another game day at our house on Memorial Day weekend; tons of fun. It gave me and Susan a chance to play with Amanda and Jimmy, which was also cool. 

The first game was Incident at the Gorge of Gauros, with Amanda running. Mark and Hudson joined Jimmy, Susan and me as players. Susan and I had played this one before with Reed and Faral, who did the entire Szass Tam questline, but I never mind a bit of repeat. Also this puts Collin on the road to finishing that quest himself, which is cool.

It was fun. At level 7, Collin was a bit low to play it on high, but his accuracy is good enough so that it wasn’t awful. Also, Come and Get It is cheatyhax of the highest order. Mark played his fighter, which meant we could hold down two knots of opponents at once. Good times.

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