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56. Twilight Ambitions (AGLA 1-7)

Our second game of the day was Twilight Ambitions, which only just came out. We had a couple of people who were eager to play it for the sake of a major quest, so the timing was good. Hudson DMed; Susan, Amanda, Jimmy, Mark and I played.

I found it an interesting module, not entirely in a good way, although I think I enjoyed it a bit more than the others. The first fight was quite cool, and the skill challenge was reasonably entertaining. The second fight was OK – really mostly filler. The third fight was a serious bear of a battle that kind of turned into a grind.

The big boss has a lot of defensive powers, plus regeneration, plus she can use second wind. The tactics for the module explicitly call out the second wind and encourage the DM to use it. This is bad. Second wind, for monsters, is something you can use to prolong the fight if the PCs are trampling all over the monster and you want to get some tension back. In most fights, where the PCs are moving towards a win at a reasonable pace, it’s just a way to extend the fight. Layer it on top of regeneration and an ability that’ll negate a couple of attacks, and ew.

I enjoyed the fight because we had to work our butts off to win it. When Collin breaks someone out of dominate three times because I took Heal and remember the rule about granting saves, that’s satisfying. Good use of terrain from all players, likewise satisfying. But I definitely would have enjoyed it more with a somewhat better constructed monster.

All kudos to all the players and Hudson for making it pretty darned tolerable.

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