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61. The Prospect (DALE 1-1)

Seems like everyone’s played The Prospect, although looking back, it’s been a while for me. I wanted to get in a game or two with Kevin before bringing him to Gencon for Peter’s Nixie Queen adventuring company, and this one was convenient, in any case. Darksydex GMed; Logopolis, Swiftshade, Eltherian, Gadunge, and Trident played alongside me. Online, as you may have surmised.

It was a nice speedy game. That final battle was very quick, thanks to a lot of skilled buff stacking. The fight against the bandits took a while, since they bottlenecked us. Kevin used up three heals in that fight and still finished it flat on the ground; he’s definitely a glass cannon. Fun to play, though. I also managed to contrive to give Eltherian’s battlemind the chance to use Mind Spike twice, so I felt like I’d done my job.

Kevin’s a halfling barbarian but I didn’t feel as damage-deprived as I thought I might. He still hits like a tank, just a somewhat smaller tank. He has lots of personality, too. I’m looking forward to his riverboat adventures.

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