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70. Dancing Shadows (CORE 1-10)

I know why I played this one; someone grabbed me on Skype and said “hey, can Alesk come play?” I assumed it was because they needed a leader or a fourth player; in retrospect I think they just assumed I’d want the free spot. Alas, I’d played Dancing Shadows before and I wasn’t that interested in doing it again. By the time I figured out what was going on, it was too late to back out politely, though. C’est la vie.

gadunge ran; my fellow players were Goldfishmind, Zheron, darksydex, Eklinaar, and EWInsight. I think; gadunge never reported the game so I’m sort of guessing. I wound up being vaguely annoyed because my fellow cleric freaked out in the final fight when he was down to one heal; apparently he wasn’t familiar with how much healing a Strength-based cleric can muster. I had four heals left. Only one was guaranteed, but I take great care to make sure Alesk can hit and activate his heals most of the time, so possibly retreating all the way out of combat wasn’t the best thing he could have done. 

OK, I was somewhat specifically annoyed. More than I needed to be because I wasn’t entirely stoked about the game. I didn’t get snippy at the (virtual) table, though.

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