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71. Death In Icewind Dale (MYRE 1-4)

Jimmy’s got this fun adventuring company called Hellfire Engine or Infernal Combustion Engine, depending on who you ask: it’s a bunch of tieflings who’ve made a deal with a devil. All members must be paragon tier and they must be able to do fire damage at-will. Easy for some classes; others require a flaming weapon. It’s a fun premise.

I cheated and made up Ceptse, who is a dead tiefling assassin, which is to say a revenant. I like her a lot. She’s letting me get out all my horror roleplaying urges. Her paragon path is Soul Thief, which has the ridiculously cool feature Soul Killer: “A creature killed by you cannot be restored to life except by a creature of a level higher than yours.” That’s flavor.

I got in on the second My Realms he ran for the group, with Amanda, Hudson, Mark B., Jason B., and Chris. We had no leader, so that was very exciting, but it all worked out in the end. 

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