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73. Night of Fallen Petals (DRAG 1-6)

So I was reminded/informed at Dexcon that Collin’s level 5 daily, Dervish’s Challenge, had been nerfed. It’s a fair nerf: a 3[W] attack that only uses a minor action is ridiculously good even before you add in the stance effect. The nerf combined with my general lack of any need to use Dual Strike combined with my desire to do more damage meant that I really wanted Collin to hit level 10 and retrain before the nerf became mandatory.

The plan was to drop all the two weapon powers he had, get rid of the Fighting Shield (which was his second weapon), and get Iron Armbands of Power to increase the punishment for ignoring his mark. But I had to hit level 10 first, and we skipped the Sunday games at Dexcon which would have gotten me there. Good thing there’s online play, huh?

Moticon ran a superb session of Night of Fallen Petals, particularly for a first-time online GM. Xalcairn, Kazordan, Thaldryn, Logopolis, and Trident were my fellow players. I continued to not need either Dual Strike or Stop Thrust, and I continued to get excited about hitting level 10 and executing Plan B for Barbarian. I couldn’t find anything on weres in Chessenta, but I figure it’s going to represent a sort of cold anger – Collin’s always tended to dislike injustice, so I can rationalize his newfound barbarian side that way.

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