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74. Mystery of Deepwater Harbor (WATE 1-4)

Mystery of Deepwater Harbor was the final step in my plan to get Collin to level 10. Susan and I like Waterdeep mods, so playing one down at Games and Stuff was an excellent scheme. Except for the bit where they still hadn’t fixed the air conditioning. Four more days of Baltimore summer heat, and four more days of gamers in a stuffy room. It was getting kind of rank up in there.

Derek McN ran; I hadn’t met him before, but he’s a nice guy. His son Luke played, and I had met him before – he played in my run of The Icy Queen’s Crossing for Weekend in the Realms last year. Susan, Mark B., Tom B., and evil Tony filled out the table with me. As with all Waterdeep mods, there was a lot of talking. This one also had some pretty good fighting. Games and Stuff had to close a bit early for a solid LFR run, as usual, but it was still decent times. I like meeting new people.

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