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81. Tyranny’s Bitter Frost (SPEC 2-2 P2)

Our first P2 adventure! Very exciting. The title made us all nervous, particularly given one of the story awards from Tyranny’s Bleak Depths. I will pause a moment here to say that I love that story award and I love the other similar ones and anyone who can’t handle a little mechanical consequence for undertaking certain missions should lighten up a bit. Sheesh. It only costs maybe 800 gold per adventure to compensate for it, anyhow.

Ahem. Where was I? So we mustered up Saturday afternoon and found a nice enough group who needed a leader and a striker and who wanted to play low tier. Thanks to Aaron, Justin, and Scott for letting us come along. We also added Kevin to fill out the table. Theron M. was our GM, and he was super-good. Smart, knew his stuff, fair but firm. We’d played The Morninglord’s Laughter with him way back at DDXP.

The adventure was way more challenging than Tyranny’s Bleak Depths, mostly because the party wasn’t quite as cohesive. Not a bad group by any means, but less tactically minded. We didn’t really focus fire all that much. I still had a great time; there’s nothing like gritting your teeth and crawling to victory.

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