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82. Black Heart (MOON 1-6)

Black Heart is the culmination of the Fisherman questline, which I have never played, although I played Black Heart itself once before. This time I was running it online for Jay Ibero, swornsoldier, ShinAkuma2, Oskar581, Zalarian, and shamballa.

It was pretty fun to run. The first fight was a doozy: the bad guys rolled very high on initiative and I dropped the one leader before he got a chance to act. “Ooops.” From there it was touch and go, much more so than I expect in an LFR module combat. Generally you’ve got a pretty good idea which way the fight will go in the first couple of rounds, but this time I was unsure up until the point at which I called it. Even then I think I might have been able to wear some characters down, but two hours into the combat seemed like plenty.

I later realized that I forgot to account for one monster’s insubstantialness. Had I gotten that right, I think I’d have TPK’d them. Just as well this way, though.

The second fight, um, yeah. The important monster was stunlocked through the entire thing; he got one and only one attack off. I rolled a 1, a 4, and a 1 on my saves, so even with his saving throw bonus he didn’t wake up. Sad but true. I should have known he was doomed when the ranger double-critted him with a total of 6[W] damage on his first action, huh?

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