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83. Ghosts of the Past: Hive of Corruption (SPEC 1-3 H1)

I ran Hive of Corruption online Friday night as part of a three table effort, which was pretty cool. My players: mfrizzell, mwjones10, sovelis025, jredgiant, Thaldryn, and eladar. It was a good crowd, and a nice balanced party.

Hive is a tricky mod. It’s a total dungeon crawl, which is fine. It’s also very hard to complete in the time allotted, which can make for some unhappy players. I let everyone know they might not finish everything in the available time, and we did have to end before they’d wiped out every encounter, but nobody was too sad. It’s just as well; after using up so many resources in the first big fight they’d have had some serious trouble in the final encounter.

The highlight of this one for me, as a DM: “OK, on the start of your turn you take 30 points of damage.” I had given them some warning! Quite satisfying to hear the reactions.

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