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85. Lost Souls (IMPI 1-3)

Part 2 of operation ParaCollin was Lost Souls, run by the always chipper Matt J. The other players were Eltherian, Kazordan, Eladar, Mike 38115, and gadunge. I’m a bit behind, but I played this on… Thursday, August 26th.

This is definitely a tough module, made tougher because Matt’s a very good tactician. Also an excellent GM, and yeah, those two things are sometimes different. We had a striker-heavy group with only a hybrid leader, but given Collin’s self-healing and our general ability to crank out damage, it all went well. Despite Matt cheating horrendously in the middle fight (I kid because I love)! And now Collin has a little blue tear tattoo next to his eye, which doesn’t make him at all happy. Probably better get used to divine attention as he hits paragon.

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