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86. Unbidden (EAST 1-3)

Nothing like a bit of East Rift dungeon crawling! And that’d be Unbidden. Jay Ibero ran for us on Saturday, 8/28; me, Dareus, Darklord, Elden, Bollivergray, and Trident played. This is the bit where I realized that hm, if we didn’t complete the whole module successfully in high, then Collin wouldn’t level. Added a bit of spice to the whole thing, but the module didn’t turn out to be too hard and we got through it without any trouble.

Yay for paragon! Collin’s barbarian multi-class proved quite effective throughout level 10. In cases where a defender isn’t really needed, he doesn’t flip over into striker-level damage or anything, so that can be a bit dull. However, when he is needed? He’s awesome.


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