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87. A Mourning of Ravens (MINI 2-1)

I wanted to pay back Jason B. for running the Return to Raven’s Bluff mini campaign as a slot 0, plus I wanted Susan to get a chance to play, so I’m running the series on alternate Sundays down at Games & Stuff. I ran the first one on 8/29.

Jason B., Mark B., Hudson, Susan, and Colin played. It was nice to see Colin again – hadn’t played with all month thanks to him moving and schedule problems and so on. It’s also a solid adventure, as is not surprising: it’s from Keith and Claire Hoffman. There’s a big chunk of investigation in the middle which is quite satisfyingly freeform. If you hate skill challenges, you could do far worse than check out the investigatory skill challenges in this year’s LFR modules.

It’s maybe not entirely clear to the players when they hit the conclusion, but there’s a useful carrot/stick the GM can use to guide them more or less effectively. The price you pay for freeform modules is relying on GMs to adapt on the fly; I think it’s a good price. Looking forward to the next one next week.

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