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89. What Storms May Come (CORE 1-14)

We played What Storms May Come as the first slot of MiniMoreCon V up at our place; I ran, and Susan, Husdon, Jimmy, Amanda, Mark B., and Jason B. played. I fiddled a bit with the first skill challenge and combat, just to keep things fresh for Jimmy. He’s run it about a million times before.

The only real criticism I have of this mod is that the maps are too darned big. Seriously: the first two barely fit on a full Paizo battle mat. Other than that it’s fun, the fights are challenging, and so on. Hm, and it can run a bit long – three skill challenges and three fights, phew. But it’s a good finale to a good major quest.

Also, see previous troll picture. Man, I wish HDR photography was gonna work on the iPhone 3GS. Well, we’ll upgrade next summer.

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