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90. Twisted Roots Run Deep (AGLA 1-6)

The second module of the day was Twisted Roots Run Deep. Interesting times. Susan ran; you may not be surprised to learn that the players were me, Jimmy, Amanda, Hudson, Jason B., and Mark B. 

I like it when Susan runs urban modules, because she really brings the NPCs to life for me. There’s a moral question in the last fight, and I suspect the range of PC reactions may be a bit more varied than the author expected. I think, when all’s said and done, that it’s a touch darker than the general tone of the Forgotten Realms. Definitely a sharp lefthand turn from the What Storms May Come, which under certain circumstances has an orc carrying a baby into combat. So are kids safe in 4e fights? Um.

Man, that’s a good title for the adventure, though. I only just realized.

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