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92. Raven Knights (MINI 2-3)

Jason kindly agreed to finish up the Raven’s Bluff slot 0 for us, so we played down at Games & Stuff back last Sunday. Busy weekend – we had guests in from out of town, and so on and so forth – but I figured hey, worth a bit of extra effort and all. Plus I got to pick up the awesome Rules Compendium. Plus Kevin seemed likely to hit level 3.

Peter couldn’t make it, but that opened up a spot for Good Tony. Also playing: Mark B., Hudson, Jimmy, and Amanda. Unfortunately it was not the most sterling example of gaming ever; we just seemed to be on a different wavelength than Jason and I think everyone got a bit stressed. No biggie, sometimes bad games happen. In the end we failed to save the Cup of Truth but Kevin still hit level 3. I’m not even bummed that he can’t become a knight – it’s not his style.

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