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93. What Storms May Come (CORE 1-14)

Yep, again! I think that makes the third time I’ve run and/or played What Storms May Come. Both times playing have been because I had a character who wanted to complete the quest, and I ran it by request, so hey.

This time was online, with Tsriel running. Matt, Jay Ibero, Dareus, Zalarian, Shamballa, and I played. We did something I really hadn’t expected: namely, took the baby into combat. Well. But given that we did a 1.5 round crush of the final encounter, I guess that was a reasonable choice. Also it means Collin has golden eyes, which fits nicely with the bear thing.

Cool/funny stuff that happened: Collin did 0 damage in the first fight. He spent a bunch of the second fight working his way down to the monsters, since Tsriel altered the map somewhat and removed the ice slides. In the third fight, he caused over 100 points of damage in a round for the first time ever, thanks to a couple of damaging zones provided by Matt’s character Luminos. And he hit level 12, so that’s satisfying.

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