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104. Killing the Messenger (CORE 2-1)

Matt ran Killing the Messenger for me so that I could get Collin to level 13 before the weekend. (Anvil of Doom, yay!) I was joined by Eltherian, Jay Ibero, jbever, Eladar, and Zharm. Lotta new faces, which is cool.

I don’t have a ton to say about the module, although this was the first time I saw the “destroy the supplies” path from either side of the GM screen. Eladar played his Intimidate-based bard. Very effective, but maybe not quite as satisfying as doing the combats the expected way. Still, I don’t begrudge him his fun.

Collin hit level 13 after this and retrained with some ferocity: he took the Essentials human racial feature, took the new improved Essentials NAD feat, picked up a hammer, got Hammer Expertise for more distance on his pushes, and so on. All of this is awesome. Oh, and he can save against stunned and dazed at the beginning of his turn, even if they don’t happen to be save ends effects.

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