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105. Wetwork (IMPI 2-2)

Games & Stuff stays open till midnight on the first Thursday of every month so that people can get the early WotC releases as soon as possible. This makes it an excellent time to run those long paragon modules. I volunteered to run Wetwork, and Susan agreed to run Alone – she’d been wanting to GM down at G&S for a while.

My players were Evil Tony, the Bradleys, Amanda, James, and Hudson. You’ll note that’s five out of six of the players I ran for the previous Sunday. Did I wipe the party again? Oh, crap, yeah.

I don’t think there’s a tactical approach that would have saved them. The adventure is written such that the players don’t get a milestone. Personally, I very rarely use an action point in the first fight of a module, because I’d rather have one in the final fight no matter what – but that wasn’t really the breaking point. Not having certain ring powers available hurt just as much.

And the big bad guy at the end is really brutal. There’s a trick in the fight, which I’ve seen two or three times now in paragon modules, so I think I’m going to expect it from here on out. Still: if the trick wasn’t there he’d still be mean. He’s a solo, and he has backup.

I’d make one change in the module. If the party wants glory tier, don’t give them the milestone. In fact, that’s a good way to do glory tier in general. Beyond that, I’d leave things pretty much as they are, but I’d try and make people more aware that certain modules are meaner than others. Both of the deadly adventures I ran this week were run on high. Gotta be careful of that assumption, particularly in paragon.

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