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107. Treasure of the Sea (MYRE 2-1)

Our GASPcon fun began with a My Realms on Friday night. I don’t mind admitting I was a little nervous about playing some random guy’s My Realms adventure, particularly at P2, but it turned out to be really good. The set up was the kind of thing you’d find in a heroic tier adventure, but the GM – Michael Grancey – really played up the slew of adventurers who’d tried and failed to solve the problem before. Our characters were Baldur’s Gate’s last hope. I liked that.

The fights were also pretty interesting. Not insanely tough, but they had some challenge to them. It’s not that the PCs were uber-optimized, but me and Susan are used to working together, as were most of the other players, so you get stuff like me and Susan timing our attacks to keep a monster dazed with no save for two or three rounds. This is hard on big elites.

Fellow players: Nancy S. and her husband Richard, Ken W., and Joe S. Excellent start to the con.

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