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108. Enemy of My Enemy (CORE 2-8)

Enemy of My Enemy is the sequel to Killing the Messenger. That was maybe the best paragon module play experience Susan and I had together so far. This run pretty much lived up to it. Rob B. GMed for us; Jimmy and Amanda played with me, Susan, and Bill W. Mustering was a pain in the butt because people kept overcomplicating it, but in the end I said “look, us four want to play together, we need one defender out of the two available, and Brian over there will play a leader at the other table. Problem solved.” And lo, it more or less was.

We played this on low. This was probably the right decision; much of the party would have had trouble hitting stuff with defenses two points higher, and it’s a mod that can really crank out the damage. On the other hand, we had a balanced party (Bill played a defender) and it turns out that Reed can generate enough damage to function appropriately as the sole striker. Lightning Daggers is very very good.

The module itself rocks. Great roleplay opportunity. Bill’s orc was spellscarred, which made some decisions much more interesting. I also like the coda, which is yet another nice moral decision.

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