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111. Agony (DALE 2-2)

We finished up with Agony on Sunday morning.. Bill W. ran for us, which is cool, since it was fun playing with him on Saturday. We only had four players – me, Susan, Jimmy, and Amanda. This is just about right for a Sunday morning game; keeps it from being over-lengthy, and it’s nice to play with familiar people.

I loved the way this mod brought together almost every Dalelands plot to date, with a sprinkling of Dragon Coast material to boot. I really, really loved the use of Kira and Dayan Nenthyn. Reed happens to be one of my PCs who hasn’t played The Prospect, which is a shame, so he didn’t have the emotional hooks some of my other characters would have found, but it was still cool stuff.

As with the other Pain and Suffering modules, it’s very investigative. This one doesn’t have the same branching that you find in Pain and Discomfort, but it’s still good. It’s a trifle strange as a capstone, insofar as the big villains from some of the previous modules are completely missing, but it does become clear that they weren’t at the heart of the drug trade.

Also, there’s payoff for a very subtle grace note from Arts that I’ve been wondering about for an entire year. Very nice.

We handled the module very well. Much to my amusement, the fate we were fighting so hard to prevent was something Reed could probably have soloed, but that’s just the luck of the draw. Sorcerers sometimes have 20 resistance to just the right damage type. Would have been funny if it’d gotten loose, though.

Reed and Faral end the weekend at level 17, and Collin ends it at 14. Three levels and two tiers gained, and a lot of really fun play. This might have been the best convention we’ve done so far, although DDXP 2009 did better on pure spectacle. Overall, though? GASPcon was great.

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