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110. First Strike (AGLA 2-2)

J.D. McCoy ran First Strike for us on Sunday evening; the players were the now familiar cluster of me, Susan, Jimmy, and Amanda plus Brian S. as our fifth. Brian played a warforged fighter who did the meatbag schtick, which let’s just say I’ve seen warforged doing it before, but his build was interesting. Lots of focus on defenses. 30 Will at level 14 is quite good. He gave me some stuff to think about with Collin.

We stomped the mod. This one we definitely should have played at high tier. I’d heard something about it being tough, but the reputation is overrated. There’s one of those old-school solos that’s just a bag of hit points, and when you have a fighter to lock down the brute while everyone else slices it up, there’s not much challenge.

I can’t say the story is super-absorbing, but you’re at least doing big important things.

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